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HyperContent 2.1 RC1

There is a lot of important information in the minds of very bright people across your organization. Not nearly enough of it is online.

New!! December 1, 2006

Download combined uPortal 2.5.3 + HyperContent 2.1RC1 + CAS 3.0.5 distribution

HyperContent Help
: Installation, configuration and development

About HyperContent

HyperContent provides a scalable web-based platform that can be configured to generate any web site that can be hosted by a regular web server, while distributing powerful browser-based authoring and publishing tools to the people who know what needs to be written. The information is stored centrally, versioned, and can be controlled with permissions and approvals. Native XML and XSL support allows you to store structured data and re-purpose it for different branded sites, portlets, PDFs or RSS. Navigation templating ensures that new pages show up where they belong on your site. Advanced image facilities allow in-browser cropping and resizing, batch conversion and watermarking, and gallery-style browsing. And an open architecture ensures that whether you need to work with custom data formats, metadata fields, or information from other systems, you can get the job done with HyperContent.

HyperContent is an open-source development under the sponsorship of the Java Architectures Special Interest Group (JA-SIG).