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HyperContent 1.4

HyperContent is a robust content management framework fronted by an extensible set of uPortal channels and backed up by a full-featured repository and multithreaded publishing engine. HyperContent is a complete solution for the rapid development of completely custom, well structured web sites, requiring knowledge of XML, DTDs and XSL - no Java programming required.

Following the release of HyperContent v1.0, which implemented this new framework for managing web sites from within a uPortal channel, and v1.1, which extended the framework with more robust editing capabilities, metadata support and enhanced performance, v1.2 featured a major overhaul of the user interface with many powerful new features, including
  • a WYSIWYG editor for free-form text
  • Full content and metadata searching
  • New contextual functions for creating, copying and moving documents and folders
  • VCARD contact information editing, with configurable LDAP feed
Site developers found new features geared towards simplifying their work:
  • maintain DTDs and XSL imports right in the repository
  • upload and preview XSL in two clicks
  • publication metrics identify possible site implementation bottlenecks
  • new editor framework simplifies the development of custom editing UIs
HyperContent version 1.3 added multi-lingual spell checking ability (with built-in dictionaries for American and British English, French and German), in-browser photo cropping and resizing, image thumbnails, SFTP publishing support, and more.  Version 1.4 adds a new site navigation management system.

HyperContent is widely used at Columbia University to manage departmental web sites; this release has been tested, tweaked and proven in a heavily used, multi-project environment. Don't hesitate to take it for a test drive to meet your own web site management needs!