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March 9, 2004

JA-SIG HyperContent Press Release

The Java Architectures Special Interest Group (JA-SIG) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of HyperContent (formerly known as CuCMS). HyperContent is a professional grade web content management system that enables content experts, designers, developers and administrators to collaborate effectively in the production of high quality web sites with consistent navigation and design. XML storage makes data re-use and site evolution painless, while a rich set of authoring tools makes it easy for non-technical staff to maintain site content.

Developed over two years and widely deployed at Columbia University to satisfy the demand for portal-based web site authoring and publishing tools, HyperContent offers tremendous value to colleges and universities seeking a middle ground between disorganized, poorly maintained web sites and costly, high-risk "Enterprise Content Management" implementations.

"The JA-SIG recognized the need for on open-source web content management system oriented to the special requirements of higher education. We are pleased to support HyperContent as a solution and to add it alongside uPortal as an addition to a growing list of sponsored, open applications serving the needs of our community", says David Koehler, chair of the JA-SIG Steering Committee.

Alex Vigdor of Columbia University will continue to serve as architect and project manager for HyperContent as it enters the development phase for version 2.0, which will enable it to function decoupled from uPortal and to support dynamic, authorized delivery of content via a portal or integrated server.

The JA-SIG encourages members of the community to evaluate, deploy and participate in the evolution and development of this vital open-source application. In order to facilitate community involvement, a public CVS, mail lists, forums and bug tracking have been set up at http://hypercontent.sourceforge.net.