cd {release}/hypercontent2

Start your deployment by opening a terminal or cmd prompt. Change into the hypercontent2 directory inside the release folder, e.g.

cd C:\hypercontent-dist\hypercontent2

edit source/properties/

Before you deploy HyperContent 2.0 as a web application, you need to set two properties:

The base server URL should contain host, port and context, but NOT a trailing slash

abs.server.base =
The repository base must contain the absolute path of the repositories directory from the distribution.
repository.base = C:\hypercontent-dist\repositories

ant compile

Compile sources and copy changed properties to the "webapp" directory

cp hypercontent-handler.jar tomcat5/common/endorsed

The HyperContent handler needs to be installed in the endorsed directory for hypercontent:/ URLs to be resolved internally. This is primarily used for including images in PDFs.

cp endorsed/* tomcat5/common/endorsed

Copy the xml libraries to the tomcat endorsed directory. If you would prefer not to install Xerces and Xalan in the common endorsed, you can copy them to webapp/WEB-INF/lib

cp endorsed/* webapp/WEB-INF/lib

zip -rf hypercontent.war webapp/*

The "webapp" directory is maintained according to the standard structure for a Java Web Application, so its contents can be zipped into a war file that is ready to deploy in Tomcat or another servlet container.

mv hypercontent.war tomcat5/webapps/

Move the war file to the tomcat 5 webapps directory.