The first step in developing a new project, or in migrating an existing project to HyperContent 2, is to set up a project repository and mount point. To begin, access the projects directory of the bootstrap project, e.g.


Log in as with the username and password admin. You will see a simple form which you can use to create a new project. Type in the desired project filename, e.g. my-project and hit enter. This will bring you to the repository definition screen for your project. The template you are presented with will require two changes.

You should set the mount point, which is the topmost form element. The mount point determines the URL at which your project will be accessible. For example, a project mounted at "/my-project/" will be visible at


You should also change the path that appears in an argument tag in the middle of the document; the template value is ${repository.base}/project-repository/. You can just replace project-repository with a directory name for your project which will be created under the directory specified for repository-base in, or you can enter the absolute path of the directory in the filesystem you want to serve as the repository.

Once you have entered these values, you can click the save link in the red box at the top center of the screen. Use the URL with the mount point as just described to enter your project repository; you may initially get a "file not found" error when you try to access it. Wait about 10 seconds and try again - the system only checks for new projects every 10 seconds.

Once you are in your project repository, you should see two directories: config and workflow-data. The project definition file is located in the repository at /config/project-definition.xml.