Any HyperContent 2 project can be downloaded as a web site ZIP archive from the "Workflow" tab at the root project directory level. This archive can then be installed in any other HyperContent 2 server. Web site archives make it easy to share and distribute web sites or web site templates.

To install a Web Site Archive in 2.0, you should first follow the steps to Create a New Project.

Then point your browser to the root of your project, e.g. "http://localhost:8080/my-project/". Next, click the "Workflow" link. Use the upload form under "Zip I/O" to select the web site archive. Set the select box labelled "Force Overwrite" to true. Click the "Upload Zip" button. This takes you to the workflow details screen, where you will see a progress bar while your zip is being processed. When it is finished, the screen refreshes, and you should see a message "Processing complete". You should now be able to click the project title in the upper left hand corner of the screen to get to the home page of the site you have just installed.